We are committed to achieving the highest level of service and quality of the products we manufacture; our business ethics provide clients with the highest level of confidentiality; our factories (Taiwan - to handle small/medium production and China - to handle medium/higher volume) are fully equipped to provide with a complete process from the initial design file check through to the finished product, with each phase of the production visually inspected.
As a leading manufacturer of high reliability and quality Printed Circuit Boards, the company's comprehensive line includes double-sided boards and complex multi-layers.
Our capacities range from small quantities of Fast Turn-Around Prototypes (2-10 days) to standard production runs with delivery times of 4 to 6 weeks.
Our environmentally conscious manufacturing facility has in excess of 31,667 m2 (340,861 ft2). and keeps with our practices of production optimization and process efficiency.
The manufacturing floor and environmentally controlled clean rooms for all our photo areas continue to contribute to an optimum working environment that maximizes the operator's efforts. All chemicals and plating processes are continuously reviewed so that our operation is a good neighbor to the environment and the surrounding community.
All water and chemicals are treated or recycled to meet or exceed governmental environmental standards.
The company continues to make substantial investments in capital equipment to meet market requirements for increasingly complex PC Boards with the highest quality standards. This includes the installation of a comprehensive front-end CAM system (Leading PCB design software).
Our State-Of-The-Art Facilities are equipped with the highest durable and reliable machinery. Top notch latest equipment consists of the following production line tools:
   NC Drilling M/C
   Auto P.T.H. Panel Plating Line
   Dry Film Process Line
   Liquid Photo Solder Mask Process
  Surface Polishing/Scrubbing/Cleaning Machine
   High/Low Voltage O/S Tester
   Flying Probe O/S Tester
   Hot-Air Solder Leveling M/C
   O.S.P. Line
   Auto Silk Screen Printing M/C,
   NC Routing M/C and V-Cut M/C
   Flatten M/C
   UV Curing Machine
   Baking Oven and Baking Tunnel
   Immersion Gold Plating Line
   Engineering Design Par Cam and Cam 350
   Chemical Laboratory Test Equipment
   Laser Plotter
   Waste Water Treatment Process Line
   Anti-Air Pollution Equipment
   Solder ability Tester
   Waste Material Recycle System
QC/Qa Facilities:
   PH meter
   Pure Water Conductivity
   A/A Analysis Instrument
   Calibration Instrument
   MILLI OHM Meter
   Cu Thickness Photometer
   CMI Cu/AU/Pb Sn Measure Machine
   OMEGA 600 Ionic Contamination Machine
   Nikon Microscope *200
   Wave Solder Test Machine
   Electronic balance
   Micro section Machine
   Thermal Shock Test
Our Photo Gallery:
MD&M Minneapolis 2013
We are at:
Minneapolis - Oct. 29 to 30, 2013
ISO/TS 16949
ISO 14001
Our focus and services are part of a wide spectrum of businesses that involves the following areas of expertise:
   Cell phone and Accessories
   Phone Set, Exchanger,
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