The world today is a fragile place, its environmental health being increasingly threatened in many ways, from 'global warming', caused mainly by carbon dioxide emissions from industry and transport, to chemicals from manufacturing, and from waste when products reach the end of their useful lives. As a result, the safe and responsible management of our global environment is crucial for the health of our planet, all its inhabitants, and for future generations. Hansonic is proudly listed as one of the best environmentally friendly companies doing business in North America and around the world.
Being part of the many companies that have significantly invested already and that have taken the responsibility of going green and maintaining a good stewardship with the earth, Hansonic is constantly improving and heavily committed to treat its polluted water residual waste and contaminated exhausted gases produced by the daily production facilities:
Our State-Of-The-Art purifying facilities include:
    Exhaust Gas Purifying Facilities to help control the pollution
    Polluted Water Purifying Facilities
    Waste Material Recycle System
Companies that have made green policies part of their operation deserve recognition. Helping to improve the Climate Change due to Global Warming which is threatening the entire Arctic ecosystem and other parts of the world, must be mandatory as our world is dying each day.
Therefore we need to Stop the Climate Change!
The Polar Bears and Penguins Need Us: Climate Change due to Global Warming is reducing the amount of pack ice in the Arctic, which polar bears and penguins depend on for survival.
At least 70 species of frogs have gone extinct because of climate change, the analysis says.
MD&M Minneapolis 2013
We are at:
Minneapolis - Oct. 29 to 30, 2013
ISO/TS 16949
ISO 14001
Our focus and services are part of a wide spectrum of businesses that involves the following areas of expertise:
   Cell phone and Accessories
   Phone Set, Exchanger,
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