Hansonic North America Inc. is the Canadian and US Sales Division of Hansonic PC Board Industrial Co. Ltd. We specialize in electronic products such as Printed Circuit Boards. Hansonic has been an international trading business since 1983.
Towards the aim of expanding our services, in April 1995, we established a new plant in Lu Chou Hessian, Taiyuan Shine, Taiwan. Here we started manufacturing double-sided and multi-layer boards. Right after, in October 2007. we opened our newest plant in the Jiangsu Province in China, near Shanghai. This plant is considerably larger than the Taiwan factory and its capacity is 350,000 sq. feet/month of printed circuit boards.


To accommodate our rapid business growth, we continuously increase our capital in order to expand our machineries. Our collection of tools currently includes Par CAM/CAM350 systems for our file creation and management.
Using our State-Of-The-Art production process, we ensure that the quality we provide will meet our customer's needs.
We are proud of our existing Quick Response Service through the ISO:9001 Work-flow Guidance and intranet Control System. All of our printed circuit board products are produced following standard IPC-600 guidelines and are fully UL, UKAS certified, which ensures that we are providing the highest quality to our customers.
We are delighted to be part of our ecosystem improvement program. Our strength and dedication to fight the pollution in China, makes us definitely one of the first companies in the PCB business to raise the awareness for such problem that is affecting our climate and lives here on earth. Our target is to be 100% Environmentally friendly through the Polluted Water and Gas emissions purifying facilities at the Factory site. We are investing deeply in our Waste Material Recycle which makes us a 100% friendly company.
First and foremost, we keep our clients satisfaction in terms of their product quality as our TOP PRIORITY!
Corporate Mission Statement
Hansonic North America Inc. is providing our customers the industries highest quality and technology, prototype small, medium and large volume printed circuit boards production.
Our continued long-term and constant investment strategy in our people, facilities and technology will sustain our high level of customer satisfaction and industry leadership.
Our management team and our associates drive continuous product and customer satisfaction improvement through constant measurement and review of our corporate key performance indicators. All of this is done with the highest respect for the environment and the local community that supports our company.
Corporate Vision
Aiming to be North America's prime prototype source for high technology printed circuit boards, we specialize in practically all areas of medical, industrial, telecoms, automotive, government (military and aerospace). Our focus and vision is based on the following mottos:
   Excellence in Quality
   Number One in the PCB Market
   Embracing Opportunities
   Passion for Growth
   Spirited Teamwork
   Honesty, Integrity, Respectability
   100% Eco Friendly
Through our dynamic interactive engineering and design capabilities we will mutually collaborate with our customers to design and build high technology products that challenge and stretch our core competence of engineering and manufacturing.
MD&M Minneapolis 2013
We are at:
Minneapolis - Oct. 29 to 30, 2013
ISO/TS 16949
ISO 14001
Our focus and services are part of a wide spectrum of businesses that involves the following areas of expertise:
   Cell phone and Accessories
   Phone Set, Exchanger,
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